1. Please get a virtual tour of the property at
2. Fill out the Google form provided at
3. We will contact you by calling and have a general introduction. We will address your relevant questions and concerns as well. A physical tour of the property may be scheduled during this stage.
4. You will receive some credentials for website. It is a rental application website which performs background and credit score (soft pull) checking. The landlord does not get access to any of your confidential information except the official report. This is an industry-standard practice and we need to comply. If you wish to rent our property then you will need to have your application submitted and background checked through this website.
5. In order to complete your application package, we will need the following three items:
a) Two most recent paystubs specifying employer’s name, pay period and amount received.
b) Copy of employment letter or offer of employment or offer of admission to a university or other institutes.
c) One reference letter from employer, professor or coworker.
6. Upon receipt of the above three items, we will provide you the rental contract. Please return us the signed and dated copy.
7. Transfer one month’s deposit and the first month’s rent.
8. Initiate the move-in process.